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Monday, March 27, 2017

Psalm 19:12-13

Who can understand his errors? Cleanse me from secret faults. Keep back Your servant also from presumptuous sins; Let them not have dominion over me. Then I shall be blameless, And I shall be innocent of great transgression.
Psalm 19:12-13

This is the conclusion and third section of the precious 19th Psalm, written by David. The first section of the psalm, verses 1-6, speak of the majesty of the Lord as revealed in what He has created for all to enjoy. The second section describes the glorious nature of God as revealed in His written word. This last section shows how the Light of the revelation of God in nature and in His word shines into the depths of the human soul.

In light of the glory of the Lord as seen in the heavens—in uncountable stars, galaxies, super novae in space -- to the glorious beauty of sunrises and sunsets, and in light of the magnificence and transformative power of the word of God, David wags his head in wonder, "Who can understand his errors?" Why would we even consider walking away from a God whose wonder and glory can be seen every day all around us, and whose love, mercy, and grace is revealed so wonderfully in His word? Why would we do such a thing?

All of our hearts yearn to worship in spirit and truth and to serve the One who made us and the world we live in. All of us have thirsty souls and only Jesus has the water that satisfies. No one else has the words of eternal life. Nothing else will show me the path of life; nowhere else is there fullness of joy or pleasures forevermore (see Psalm 16:11).

We must determine in our hearts to fight the fight of faith.

Tom Day



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