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Friday, April 28, 2017

Mark 8:29

He said to them, "But who do you say that I am?" Peter answered and said to Him, "You are the Christ."
Mark 8:29

There is a common misunderstanding about the word "Christ." Some people think it's part of Jesus' name and many think it's interchangeable with the Savior's given name. Christ is the Greek transliteration of the Hebrew word, mashiyach, or Messiah. It is translated "anointed" in the Old Testament and talks of a person to come who is God’s chosen One. This Christ is prophesied about many times in the Old Testament and the Jews of Jesus' day had been waiting for Him for thousands of years.

It was not an easy thing for Peter to say, "You are the Christ," or the chosen One, because it would be an incredible statement. It would be admitting the one spoken about hundreds of times in the Old Testament had arrived. It was such an astonishing statement, Jesus told Peter in Matthew, "You are blessed, because that revelation was given to you by God."

If you are going to have a relationship with God, there is only one way, through His chosen One, His anointed. Have you given your life to Jesus? Pray to accept Him today!

Chosen by the chosen One,

Pastor Ron Kitchell



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