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Here at Morningstar Christian Chapel, one of the many ways we love, serve, and model Christ in the community around us is through our Sports Ministry. Sports are huge here in sunny Southern California, and thousands of our neighbors participate in them, all the while having never met Jesus. We believe that sports are created by God, for the Glory of God; and that we as Christians can play them unto His Glory. Sports, and local sports leagues go wrong when we as sinners take those things that were meant to glorify God and make them ultimate; replacing the worship of God himself with that which was created by Him (in this case, sports). This would be why adult Father’s get ejected from local little league games, high school student athletes get caught with  steroids, or why anyone would pay $700 for a softball bat. Sports have become themselves ultimate; The creation is worshiped rather than the creator (Romans 1:25).

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